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Something Big Is Coming

Onchain could use an upgrade.

The new internet is being held back by its silos. All the rich context and meta-information we associate with blockchains and their communities lives far beyond the reach of the EVM. Metadata is often offchain and non-programmable, lying in state in JSON files, buried on centralized servers all destined to be unplugged. Projects themselves exist in isolation, shut off from the dynamic world of creators, remixers, and builders that occupy the block space.

Emergent metadata standards only help so much, providing important upgrades to the Swiss army knives our backends and frontends rely upon but still leaving smart contracts in the dark.

Meanwhile, context rules the vibrant internet around us. Knowledge graphs, recommendation engines, social networks, loyalty programs, ad platforms— all fueled by contextual richness, sparked by the ability to annotate and thread new lines between the billions of patches in the internet's quilt. Any individual can help tip the scale, can help draw a bigger picture, can add new colors to the collective palette just by their participation.

The onchain future needs that same contextual-richness, that same web of relationships, that same ability to have layers of meta-information actively shaped by its audience. Anything less is anachronistic to the internet of today.

We want to set the new internet ablaze with that philosophy and all the utility it offers. We want to bring metadata to the metaverse.

Onchain data for the new internet

This is why we're building Patchwork, a new protocol and set of standards designed to supercharge onchain entities new & old with fully onchain data.

It's a toolbox of verbs—Create, Attest, Contextualize, Remix, Extend, Collaborate, Evolve—for developers and non-developers alike to jam on anything that lives onchain, without permission. It aims to open a new frontier of data-richness for the EVM, where secondary markets can spring up for the exchange of valuable data records, creators can seamlessly and permissionlessly extend existing onchain IP with fresh metadata, users can swap traits and attributes with their peers, projects can collaborate on and share core pools of data, and creators can continually add to and grow the flavors of data available to their users.

Stay tuned

Patchwork is a complete re-think of how we build and interact in the new internet, empowering tokens, contracts, and addresses with rich, interactive, and interconnected layers of vibrant onchain data. Get ready to Patch, coming soon to Base.


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