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A wild PLOINK has entered the chat

We made a thing.

Have you ever wanted an onchain record of a Farcaster cast you really liked? Is tipping someone with real money too mainstream for you? Have you ever wanted to plaster someone's cast with pointless stickers? No? Shit. Well, Ploink lets you mint onchain reactions to Farcaster casts using pointless artisanal, community-created sticker packs.

Ploinking is powered by $ploink points. Each reaction costs a certain amount of $ploink, which Farcaster users accrue by ❶ minting reactions with Ploink, ❷ casting content that other users react to, and ❸ creating sticker packs that people use in their reactions.

Under the hood, Ploink uses Patchwork to mint reactions and assign those reaction records to NFT representations of each Farcaster cast being reacted to. Pretty neat.

this is a reaction NFT 🤷‍♀

How to Ploink

  1. Install the Ploink cast action: Add the Ploink cast action to Warpcast and select the React with Ploink! action on the cast you wanna react to.

    If you don't want to install the cast action, you can always reply to a cast with @ploink and our bot will reply with a frame for you to use. Lizard brain way to do it but it works.

  2. Choose your reaction:

    • Enter an emoji: Pick an emoji to represent your reaction (literally type an emoji into the frame's text input like 🤯). We've got a default sticker pack with around 3,000 of the most common emojis, but eventually others will add their own sticker packs and you'll be able to type in things like dogface400 or whatever they name their stickers. Our default emoji stickers all cost 10 $ploink to use, but sticker creators can price them however they want.

    • Choose how many stickers you wanna attach: Set it to more than 1 to make your reaction pop (and also the $ploink cost).

    • Sign the transaction: Sign the transaction to mint your reaction on Base.

    • Check your wallet: It should now contain a freshly-minted onchain cast reaction.

Where does the $ploink go?

When you react to something the $ploink is distributed as follows:

  • 10% to sticker pack creator: Good job for making the sticker.

  • 50% to the OG of the content: Good job for making the cast.

  • 40% burnt: Sent off to the void. We aren't really sure why.

How can you get $ploink

We seeded $ploink to all Farcaster users using a very advanced mathematical formula: The number of times you've liked something on Farcaster * 100, with a floor of 500 and a max of 10,000.

How can you get more $ploink?

  • Use Ploink!: The best way to get more $ploink is to actively use it. 50% of every reaction cost is rewarded back to the reactor's main balance daily. Additionally, 100% of the reaction cost is sent to a reactor's temporary bonus balance (over the course of 2 days) which is spendable for seven days before it vanishes. Spends from the bonus balance still get 50% rebated to the main balance daily, allowing you to accumulate $ploink by minting reactions daily.

  • Post good (or bad?) content: Share content on Farcaster that gets reacted to and watch your $ploink stack grow.

  • Create deranged sticker packs: The more your sticker packs get used, the more $ploink you get.

  • Beg the Ploink bot: If you can't manage any of the above, you can always beg the Ploink bot (using @ploink beg) and it's possible someone will take pity on your soul.

How can you get even more $ploink

  • Follow the /ploink channel: +100 $ploink.

  • Follow the /patchwork channel: +100 $ploink.

  • Follow @patchwork on Farcaster

  • Join our discord and post your FID in the #ploink-boost channel: +100 $ploink.

this is what your reaction looks like when our bot fires it into Farcaster

What's next?

  • Sticker publishing tools, templates, and guides 🤯

  • Ways to augment your own cast replies or quote casts with reactions, rather than having them be separate and from our bot 🧐

  • More sticker packs

  • Leaderboards

  • UI on to get a full look at the chaos

  • A whole lot of other stuff... 👀


Uh, why?

Why not.

These reactions are really minted onchain?

Is $ploink a token?

Not at the moment. Our plan is to get them onchain in the future, but they are just points in a database for now. We'll let the community help decide what onchain form they take.

Is this only for Farcaster?

Currently, yes. One day you'll be able to react to a bunch of other things but we're starting with Farcaster casts for now.

I'm a nerd, how does it actually work at a technical level?

Ploink is built on Patchwork, a protocol and set of base contracts that make it easy to create rich, evolving datasets onchain. When someone reacts to a cast, we mint that cast's FID+hash as an NFT stub (`FarcasterStub.sol`) that Patchwork can interact with. Once the stub is minted, we have another contract (`PloinkPatch.sol`) that mints a soulbound NFT and "patches" it to the cast stub. This patch acts as a container that holds Ploink data on behalf of the stub— reactions, specifically. For the actual reaction items, these are minted from our final NFT contract (`PloinkReaction.sol`) and get irreversibly assigned to the Ploink patch (but still owned by the minter). Each reaction mint contains a record of the sticker used, sticker quantity, cost, etc. and gets its own unique artwork.

The stub and patch get minted atomically when a cast receives its first reaction.

While there was nothing stopping us from directly assigning reactions to the cast stub, we thought it'd be cool if the stubs were app-agnostic entities that anyone could create their own patches for, with Ploink (via our Ploink patch) being just one of many apps that use the stubs as a canonical onchain representation of a cast. We'd love to see a bunch more app-specific patches that get patched onto those stubs.

If you have no idea what any of the above means, check out to dig into Patchwork's superpowers.

I didn't RTFA. How do I get more $ploink?

React to stuff, cast primo stuff that people react to, or create a based sticker pack that all the cool kids use.

"This is the dumbest thing"

Def let us know how we can make Ploink better. Or if dumber == better, let us know how we can make it absolutely max stupid.

Interested in creating a sticker pack for Ploink? We're building sticker publishing tools to make this super easy, but we need some guinea pigs to help us out. For now, join our Discord and let us know you're interested in creating a pack!

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